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Acts 1224 Media is a branding and production company devoted to building up non profit & faith-based ministries all over the globe through great software, services, production, education and excellent customer service.

We create professional websites, apps, and production event videos including commercials, music videos, corporate videos and our specialty of live event production (church services, weddings, funerals, birthdays, dance recitals).​Powered by our faith in the lord, Acts 1224 Media prides itself on the ability to maintain the right value of professionalism for your events while helping bridge the gap of "new world technology" and "old world traditions". 


Our clientele does not need to be Christian, but we exist under a strict code of values that we refuse to accept any assignment that demeans or does not uphold values that provide growth for all people.​Working with over 18 churches and non-profits in the borough of churches and beyond, we have amassed a clientele that truly reflects our principle of 'We do GOOD work'. Although based in faith, we have also used our blessed company gifts to enable any cause we deem righteous to the uplifting of humanity. 


Our team of highly experienced, innovative filmmakers, have worked on feature films, documentaries, news broadcasts, political campaigns and advertisements.We offer HD quality film & computer generated graphics using industry-standard, professional software, technology & equipment.From the processional to the benediction, you will know you have a professional team working with you to capture your event and broadcast it to the masses.

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