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Our services and software focus on simplifying the creation and delivery of your message, improving its presentation, and the flexibility your members have in receiving communications from you.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)

With the global increase of Mobile browsing, your business needs to be positioned to deliver relevant information in a variety of formats.  Acts1224  delivers with customized Responsive Design technology. 

At Acts1224, Responsive Design is included in every new Web or Application Development project. 

To learn more about Responsive Design and how Cypress can serve your business contact us today!

Mobile App Development

As an officially approved vendor for iPhone & iPad iOS, Acts 1224 is able to help you achieve a greater audience in the world of mobile technology.  If you have an existing database, product, or service online, and want to find out how to break into the mobile world, contact us today!

Acts 1224 has experience developing for Chrome and deploying Android friendly websites and applications. If you have an existing database, product, or service online, and want to find out how to break into the mobile world, contact us today!


mobile ready websites
application development
contract application and management with vendors (iTunes etc.)

Acts 1224 has been creating and deploying Content Management Systems before they became an industry standard.

Our experience tells us that our customers want very specific abilities, and are not impressed irrelevant features.  You want to control your content without requiring a degree from Harvard.  You want freedom to expand and grow your website without having to pick up the phone and call us.  Our goal is to empower your business with exactly the amount of control and management tools you really need.  We don't believe 'one size fits all', we listen and craft a solution catored to your specific needs online.

We offer a full Content Management System (CMS) for your interactive website needs, that allows you to control 100% of your site content with our easy to use admin site and user friendly tools. 

CMS Standard Feature Set Includes:

Database installation & configuration
MySQL/PHP programming for CMS Setup
Multiple/customizable navigation elements
Dynamic site-map page
Multi-level user access and roles
Site-wide Search enabled
RSS feed enabled
Secure administrative environment
Printer friendly pages
Customized page templates
Bread crumb navigation
Connect new website to existing Google Analytics account
Initial user setup help, role definitions and contact information.
Page and story content types
Alias content and URL management site-wide
Category and sub-category tagging
Unified interface (make changes on the ACTUAL page) without required admin page.

Simple systems, powerful results.  Unique design, modular and scaleable functionality.  

Web Development

Our web development team is comprised of highly technical and proficient staffed programmers who work side-by-side with our project managers and creative team.  We involve our development team from the beginning of each web based project.  Their insight and advice is invaluable to the success of each project.  

We are proficient in:


Acts 1224 has an impressive track record of combining aesthetically crisp design with pure functionality.  We understand that you want an easy to use system that also looks great.  Without compromise, our development team is committed to upholding visual standards as well as secure, industry standard programming.  Whether it's a simple website or custom application that will help streamline your internal work flow, our development team thrives on deploying solutions that hit the mark.

Donation Systems

Are you a church, non-profit organization or political campaign needing an efficient, secure donation system? 

Acts 1224 has been a trusted provider of online User Account / Donation Systems for reputable, small and large organizations across the country.

If you need to provide site visitors with an easy to use method of donating money using industry standard SSL methods, we have pre-built custom solutions for you that fit seamlessly into your web design.  We also deploy fast, secure paypal advanced donation tools for those in a hurry with little need for additional tracking features. We're continually customizing unique features as requested by our diverse customer base and can use this experience to your advantage. 


customizable form fields
required fields
user account profile
user reporting & history
admin reporting
email receipt notification
export .CSV
automated backup
promotional tools

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